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Some Recent Music

The top player features songs I've written and recorded on the Christmas break of 2015. I got my first Moog for Christmas, a most amazing instrument. This collection features samples of women blues singers from the early 1920's, all public domain recordings.  Quinn collaborated with me on some of these tracks, adding beats and awesome sonic variations. There will be more songs posted as I get them finished.


The songs on the player below are songs I've written and recorded since I last put out an album, with a few exceptions. I'm playing all of the instruments and singing on every song unless otherwise noted. Quinn is singing and playing harmonica on The Best Time of Year. He's also singing on Through the Years.


I have been extremely fortunate to pursue my dream. This life of mine often feels like many lifetimes. When I was studying music at Sinclair, I got offered an almost full ride to study music at the University of Dayton. I almost took it, but part of the requirement was to learn all the instruments of the orchestra, a dream come true for me, however not practical for a single father. Practicing all time leaves no time for baseball, homework, and everything else he needs. I decided to pursue something else while Quinn is young.


I found a real need in the college experience. I noticed when I began working in leadership at Sinclair that students were hungry for guidance and inspiration. I was brought up with these skills, not only from my family, but my peers. For me, leadership has nothing to do with followers. It is the ability to be the example you wish to see in the world. Personal accountability for one's actions and personal responsibility for one's efforts and outcomes are key features of leadership. Applying these attributes to one's daily actions culminates in the ability to lead yourself. Followers are people that are inspired by your example, and all real leaders are also followers. The people I played and grew up with and mentioned on this site are all real leaders.


Universities used to promote the discovery of self, now many of them are more like trade schools with a very narrow focus on a specialty, and a rush to completion. I'm happy to do what I'm doing now. I do intend to continue to write and release music. I may even study music formally again so I can compose for the symphony after Quinn is grown. I had written a few collections that were the beginning ideas for something bigger. Death of a Snowman and Raven Boy were both intended for more than what I had done with them. I'm honing my writing skills in my university experience. In the meantime I'm happy to put songs up here as I write and record them.


Bustin Out and No Explanations features Helen Taylor on lead guitar, Jonathan McEuen harmonies, Adam Levy on bass, and DJ Old Toby scratching the Atari sounds. The rest of the instruments and vocals are played and sung by me. I recorded and produced all these tracks. Quinn chose these songs to be included here. Out of millions of entries, I won an Mp3 Grammy for best male vocalist in electronica from the Mp3 Company in 2001 for Bustin Out. I played the award show in San Diego.


The songs are free to download, but if you feel compelled to contribute, please donate to the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance so the arts may flourish in Dayton. A community cannot thrive without the arts! You can contribute any amount of money through the link below.



Here are links to all the music on this site, there are many songs on different pages


Early Singer Songwriter


1st Bands


New York City


Los Angeles


Songs From ID


The Fair Shakes/ The Rude Boys


All songs by Denny Wilson Copyright 2015.


Image credit for top player-

The photo on the left above by Stephanie Williams

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