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I have been a singer, songwriter, and musician most of my life. I was lucky enough to pursue my passion as a young man, and to continue to play for a long time. I've played in many different bands throughout my life, and played in practically every major market in the US, and every state but Hawaii. I have been fortunate to travel the world. My songs have been recorded by other artists, appeared in films, television, commercials, and the radio.


I started singing in cover bands in high school and taught myself to play guitar so I could write songs. Later in my life, I taught myself how to play bass, drums, and many other instruments so I could demo songs for whomever I was playing with. It also proved to be very useful when recording my own albums. There's a little more about this in the Stranger Than Fiction section of this site. I have always valued the ability to be self-expressed through music, in the writing of songs, recording, and playing.


I still value this ability highly, although I never felt comfortable, even as a young man, with the idea of celebrity. I spent almost twenty years being married to an actress. She was the voice of Pocahontas in the Disney animated film. She also acted in television and films in other Native American roles. I saw people treat her differently just because she had been in Pocahontas, without ever knowing her or what kind of person she was. My experience with Hollywood and witnessing celebrity worship made my decision to pursue other goals very easy. After I filed for divorce from her I made the choice to stop touring for my son and pursue another career, although I will always be a musician.


I always loved the way music brought people together, and I value the fact that anyone can write songs and sing. I think this notion is why I always loved punk rock so much. At its purest form, punk rock represents the ability available for everyone to play music and express themselves. I still believe that music is the universal language, at least in my experience.

I've written many, many songs. The music on this site is only a portion of my body of work. The player to the right features some tracks from my youth. These songs are mostly from the "singer, songwritery" times when I focused on playing solo.


Sophia Zapf is playing violin on Be With You Again and Sunshine, Pete Bradstreet is playing piano on No Different. Ray 2 Crows is playing harmonica on Repo Blues. Cold Blue Sky, No Different, Be With You Again, Dead and Gone, and Repo Blues are from my teenage years.


Morgan Taylor is playing bass, Kelley Morgan is playing percussion, and David Poe is playing guitar on Dead and Gone. David is a gifted songwriter, as is Morgan Taylor.


Adam Levy is playing bass on Say Goodbye, Button Down and Fly Right, and Sweet Undecided.


I have always been very fortunate to play with such great musicians.


The rest of the instruments and vocal tracks are played and sung by me.


The songs are free to download, but if you feel compelled to contribute, please donate to the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance so the arts may flourish in Dayton. A community cannot thrive without the arts! You can contribute any amount of money through the link below.

I've been a director, editor and producer for the last 3 years. I have directed over 100 commercials, 11 documentaries, and countless video content for various digital mediums. I will continue to pursue this art in the coming years.



Here are links to all the music on this site, there are many songs on different pages




1st Bands


New York City


Los Angeles


Songs From ID


The Fair Shakes/ The Rude Boys




All songs by Denny Wilson Copyright 2015, except Say Goodbye by Adam Levy and Denny Wilson Copyright 2015.






The photo on the left above by Stephanie Willams






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