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When I moved back to Dayton to raise my son, I started playing with some of guys I grew up with. Nick Kizirnis, John Dubuc and I started talking about putting a band together for fun. We started out with The Rude Boys. The idea was to play some of our favorite punk rock reggae and ska covers. Later we added another band with the same line up called The Fair Shakes which mainly plays songs from Nick and John's old band The Obvious, although we played some of my stuff too. Our first drummer was Steve Phelps, but not long we started playing with Rod Bradley from the old Tooba Blooze band, and Jim Macpherson who plays with Nick and the Breeders.


We don't play very often, we all have kids and lives, but playing with these guys I grew up with has been the most fun I've had playing music in years. I think John is one of the best songwriters I've ever known. Nick is one of the best, coolest, and most original guitarists I've played with. Nick is also a brilliant songwriter and all around musician. Rod and Jim are unbelievable drummers, and I relish every show I get to play with them. Jim and I were born on the same day, same year. I think I could play with Jim at any given time. We are like brothers as a rhythm section.


I still play shows from time to time. I'm happy to have such amazing friends to play with when I do. I think I may be the luckiest guy on the planet!


2 Thumbs Down was written by John Dubuc. He is playing guitar and singing. Nick Kizirnis is playing lead guitar. Steve Phelps is playing the drums, and I played the bass and produced the track.


54 46 Was My Number was written by Fred "Toots" Hibbert, the arrangement and recording was done by me.

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