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The Most Important Job I Have is Being a Single Father:

I believe that children learn by example, and the journey of being a father is never complete... more


Student and Teacher:
I have been a college student for the last 7 years with more to go, and a teacher... more

Student Leadership is Paramount for Student Success:
I have been involved with student leadership for years, both in my job and my volunteer activities. Leadership is... more


Musician, Singer and Songwriter, Director, Producer:

I have been a professional musician all of my adult life. I had the privilege to follow my dream as a young man... more


Promoter of Arts and Culture:
The arts result in self-expression, not only for the artists, but in the appreciation of the arts... more


Survivor of a Public Smear Campaign:
I was married to actress Irene Bedard for 17 years. After I filed for divorce... more


Photo by Stephanie Williams


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