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I got my first degree from Sinclair Community College in 2013. It is an Associate of the Arts degree. I have two bachelor's degrees from Wright State University completed in the spring of 2016, one in Communications and one in a degree I was permitted to create.


The created degree required a lengthy thesis and thesis project. This project may help many college students with retention, graduation, and success in the world. I'm very fortunate that Wright State has backed my idea and given me the chance to attempt such a lofty goal. I'm almost finished with my 1st master's degree. It is a Master of Humanities with the degree emphasis on  public perception. 


After Wright State, I will seek the best fit for my doctoral degree.


When I started my college career I had a very long-term goal in mind, namely changing education for student’s ages pre-school through 6th grade. I intend to start a school here in Dayton where education is most challenged. I have been planning a variation of this goal for twenty years.


While I have been going to school I have been teaching, as well. I began volunteering to teach at a wonderful Montessori school in North Dayton called Gloria Dei. I taught music for about two years there, working with students in pre-school through the 6th grade. The next year I needed be to on campus more so I moved on from Gloria Dei. I then volunteered to teach music at the pre-school academy at Sinclair. 


I think a great teacher must also be a great student. I've learned as much or more from my students as I've taught them. I will continue to teach classes as long as I'm able, although not full-time.




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