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My First Original Band Won Cincinnati's 97X Band Contest:
We also won the Dayton Band Playoffs ... more


I Moved to New York City in the Early 90's, and Landed a Lead Role in a Billy Boesky Off Broadway Production:
The play opened at the famous La MaMa theater in the East Village. It's where Robert De Niro started his career... more


After Getting Married I Moved to Hollywood:
I met my soon to be wife when we were waiters at ... more


My Son's Mom and I Started a Band After Learning We Were Going to Be Parents:

We toured the country extensively, releasing 4 ... more



After Moving Back to Dayton, I Started Playing With The Rude Boys and The Fair Shakes:
Playing with these guys I grew up with was probably the most fun I ever had in music ... more

Stranger Than Fiction

photo by Stephanie Williams

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